Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dead End Roads

(Post Number 3)

Dead end roads are hard to swallow when you're driving, how about when you are searching for that elusive family member or MEMBERS? Now I know I had to come from someone, I am here aren't I? I can't locate information on a lot of my family members, it's like they were just dropped here from outer space or something! No files online of this person ever existing, excepting when I come across a query on an internet site that I posted!

I am reaching dead ends online all over the place. So much for having alcoholic ancestors who just left their sperm all over the place, without a trace of them. Talk about footprints you leave on the earth!

So, now I start to beg family members to do searches at the genealogical societies around them to find our "phantom ancestors". Maybe they should start an internet site for "children of aliens from outer space".

Can you tell I am a BIT disillusioned?  Well you get the prize, I am indeed. Someone, somewhere HAS to be looking for these people! Come out, come out wherever you are!

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